Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Transfer Day!

Reunited and it feels so good...

Transfer day was finally upon us and we were excited and nervous! Our transfer was scheduled for 2pm, so we had some time to get work done in the morning and get our ducks in a row. Steve and I decided to head to Reno early because of some predicted thunderstorms in the Sierra and I thought it would be nice to have lunch before our transfer. It would also give me a chance to use the restroom before stocking up on fluids as they require a full bladder with transfer and I didn't want to have to be stuck sitting in the car, dying to pee.

For lunch, we decided on Olive Garden and I got myself what will hopefully be my final diet caffeinated soda for quite a while, plus a water, which I waited to drink until after lunch. At the end of our meal, I went to use the restroom for the final time and the server brought the bill and politely asked Steve if we had any exciting plans for the rest of the day. "Why yes!" he responded, "We are going to be reunited with our embryos!" Needless to say the server was a little shocked by his response but wished us well, lol!

When we arrived at the clinic, a little early, I was already bouncing in my seat and by the time they called us back into the room, my eyes were filling up (from having to pee)! Dr. W showed us a picture of our thawing embryos (due to my age and embryo quality, we choose to transfer two) and due to the fact that one was hatching, he suggested we get the show on the road. This was much to my relief because I had to pee!

Both Dr. W and the NP commented on how full my bladder was but pushed on anyway and I was dying! I could hardly focus on anything but having to use the bathroom! I guess I didn't need the third water we took to go from OG.

In awe and amazement, we watched as the embryologist brought our little peanuts into the room and loaded them into the catheter and watched in awe again, on the ultrasound screen as we saw a little flash of white, that was our little peanuts being transferred into my uterus. It was magnificent, we were both speechless.

When it was over, Dr. W reclined the table and set the timer, 15 minutes of inverted calm before I could pee. He left the frozen ultrasound image of our transfer on the screen and put on soothing music and Steve and I reveled in the miracle that had just taken place. At that moment, I was pregnant until proven otherwise. I had two, perfect little miracles inside me. In a few weeks, we will know if one or both of our embryos have snuggled in for the long haul. We hope and pray that they do.

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